Barksanem™ announces the signing of a Master License in Peru.

Barksanem™ has signed a Master License in Peru aimed at improving the livelihoods of mining micro-communities through sustainable, people-centric, responsible mining.

Houston, Texas (May11th 2020) 

Barksanem™, Inc. located in Houston, Texas, and its sister company Barksanem™ Sarl, an R&D and training arm for Barksanem™, based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and engaged in responsible mining and semi-industrial / small-scale artisanal mining (ASM), announces the signing of a Master License in Peru founded upon its proprietary know-how. This Master License will cover the entire nation of Peru. At the End of 2019, Barksanem™ sold 3 Licenses for Burkina Faso. 

The Barksanem™ License contains a portfolio of solutions to implement mining operations, fast-track ASM integration into a given territory and to enhance business growth around a sustainable development model. 

The License’s innovative business model focuses on developing semi-industrial mining operations integrating sustainable development while contemporaneously formalizing artisanal miners. The formalization of artisanal mining is governed by strict protocols and includes the eradication of illicit use of dangerous chemicals such as mercury and child labor.

In addition, The Barksanem™ License integrates the digitalization of the entire gold production line in order to track the entire supply chain from extraction at the mining pit to the refinery. This economic model responds to the guidelines of many governments and institutions that fight against fraud, child labor and the use of chemicals harmful to the environment and the health of populations while allowing children to return to school and offering livelihood alternatives for pregnant women. 

The Barksanem™ License is a pragmatic answer to the challenges of the entire mining sector (industrial, semi-industrial and artisanal settings) for all minerals and metals (gold, silver, other minerals, colored stones, diamonds…) 

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