Barksanem™ announces the signing of a Major License in Madagascar.

Barksanem™  has signed a Major License in Madagascar with Madagold SA implementing sustainable, responsible mining dedicated to improve the livelihoods of mining micro-communities.

Houston, Texas (August 1st 2020)

Barksanem™, Inc. located in Houston, Texas, and its sister company Barksanem™ Sarl, an R&D and training arm for Barksanem™, based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, engaged in responsible semi-industrial / small-scale artisanal mining (ASM), announces the signing of a Major License in Madagascar.

To date, Barksanem™ has sold three Licenses in Burkina Faso and one Master License in Peru.

The Barksanem™ License optimizes the physical supply chains through innovative technologies to track precious minerals while participating in the economic and environmental development of micro-communities. Its model transforms mineral production into a Monetization Support System empowering local collectivities.

Responsible sourcing through responsible tracking: Barksanem™’s Territorial Approach integrates artisanal gold mining, which is often present on mining sites long before they are allocated to companies. Identifying and registering artisanal gold miners and their families facilitates their support while fighting against recurrent fraud specific to the mining sector, enabling “Fair Mining” certification for artisanal gold mining.

The Barksanem™ License is a pragmatic answer to the challenges (technical constraints, formalization of artisanal miners, Fair-mined certification, social and environmental issues etc.…) of the entire mining sector (industrial, semi-industrial and artisanal environments) for all minerals and metals (gold, silver, other minerals, colored stones, diamonds…).

Barksanem™ was founded based on first-hand assessments and a clear vision for sustainable development in the regions where the company is present, consistent with the transformation objectives outlined in a number of international policies and agreements.


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