The Barksanem™ License: Mines, Miners, Minerals

What is the Barksanem™ License… exactly?

Barksanem™ (BSM™) is a Texas-based, American company internationally licensing operational solutions, mineral resource management, natural resource remediation, and innovative agricultural programs for micro-collectivities.

Licensing refers to the leasing of intangible assets or an intellectual property. Intellectual property or “IP” includes intangible creations of the human intellect, such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks as well as trade secrets and publicity rights and so on.

Therefore, Licensing is a process of creating and managing contractual relationships between the owner of a License and a company who wants to use the License, for an agreed period of time, within an agreed territory. Licensing is used to extend the usage of trademark = ™. Licenses grant the use of the rights of the owner without the transfer of intellectual property.

BSM™ as the owner of intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks and copyrights, may license these rights.

BSM™ issues a license for the complete intellectual property of a portfolio of technologies (mining, environmental, societal) targeting the economic and environmental self-sufficiency of micro-collectivities (50 to 500 population equivalents).



3 Well-Defined Components:

 The right to access Barksanem™ expertise, using it for specific territory

 Streamline and structure production tools to apply said expertise

 The ability to adapt the license to a market and specific territory is essential to provide best possible products and services


Unambiguous Advantages:


Time to Market: The Barksanem™ License  allows our clients to quickly and efficiently penetrate their territory by optimizing the time of deployment. This is done through a complete series of actions, specifically crafted for their particular territory. Not only is this a sizable asset but it saves a substantial amount of time towards the end goal of ore extraction. The client can literally hit the ground running.

Territorial Approach: The Barksanem™ License allows our clients to focus on improving their practices to meet the requirements of their market and their territory. Barksanem™’s Territorial Approach takes into consideration local dynamics and problems of a given territory, working in harmony with the traditional, as well as the administrative authorities, integrating mining and all the ancillary initiatives, with the life and the development of said territory. In other words, Barksanem™ becomes an intricate, integrated fiber of the territory.

Cost Optimization: The Barksanem™ License allows our clients to convert certain costs into revenue by delegating a specific part of the value chain to expert partners. Once the License holder is granted access to the Barksanem™ License, he gains access, not only to technology but to our internal experts. Providing for such expertise is an exponential asset for the License holder, in terms of time and cost savings.

Value Expertise: The Barksanem™ License allows our clients to delegate responsibility for the production, assembly or placement of the product in accordance with the specifications set out in the license agreement.

Regular Income: The Barksanem™ License allows our clients to optimize the management of expertise in order to create regular revenues.



Our Mission:

The Barksanem™ License optimizes the physical logistics chain within artisanal mining by:

  • deploying innovative technologies for tracking of precious minerals, while participating in economic and environmental development of micro-collectivities.
  • turning production of gold (or any other production) into digital, traceable currency; fully bank-compliant and exchangeable against local, tradable currencies in targeted territories.
  • obtaining optimal valorization for entire production chain by digitizing, tracking and securing the supply chain.


Mines, Miners, Minerals


The Barksanem™ License can be summed up in those three words

Mines: Identifying and locating mining sites based on the territorial approach and organizing them with The Barksanem™ Mapping System.

 Integrating artisanal gold miners currently working on their sites, identifying them and their families and digitally recording them in order to better accompany them.

Minerals: Using the Barksanem™ Tracking System to control minerals from extraction until sold.

Ultimately, while becoming a successful mining company, the Barksanem™ License contributes to the virtuous circle for micro-collectivities through mining in economic, social and environmental terms.



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    This is good program by Barksanem, this is the program that’s lacking in Zambia to improve small scale mining for gold, copper,emeralds and cobalt.

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