Barksanem™ Rolls Out A Digital Currency for The Betterment of Mining Micro-Collectivities


Houston, Texas (July 10, 2018)

Barksanem™ (BSM™) Sarl, artisanal and small-scale responsible mining company based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, and its sister company Barksanem™ Inc. based in Houston Texas, announce the acquisition of licensing rights for a unique non-cryptic, non-speculative digital currency. 

Through the digitization of its mineral supply chain, BSM™ is able to introduce a bank-compliant, exchangeable digital currency, the TK COIN.  This system not only creates a secure supply chain through mineral tracking, it intrinsically helps fight against fraud with on-site recording and digitization of each gram extracted. The digitization also enhances safety for artisanal miners by offering transaction management mobile applications, replacing cash-based systems.

BSM™ deploys innovative technologies for the tracking of precious minerals, while participating in the self-sufficiency of micro-collectivities. Our approach to monetization turns the production of minerals into a digital currency compatible with a portfolio of new services.

Obtaining optimal valorization for the entire production chain by digitizing, tracking and securing the supply chain, this digital currency reduces the cost of transactions by monetizing universal and natural resources.


 About Barksanem™ :

The creation of Barksanem™ was brought about after field observations and a clear vision of territorial sustainable development, in line with the challenges of transformation described in various international accords. Our experience in the mining sector in Africa demonstrates the following: the harvesting of subsoil wealth is too often a source of poverty and conflict.


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Erik Lindamood 
Office (US): +1 346 800 3977




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