Breaking News! Barksanem™ License


Barksanem™ has officially launched the “Barksanem™ License.”


What is the “Barksanem™ License?”


The “Barksanem™ License” is a portfolio of technologies (precious metals extraction, digital money, tracking, to name a few) creating profitable, duplicable mining companies while supporting the development of micro-collectivities (economic, societal, environmental).

Licenses grant the use of the rights of the owner without the transfer of intellectual property. In our case, Barksanem™ issues a license for the complete intellectual property of a portfolio of technologies (mining, environmental, societal) targeting the economic and environmental self-sufficiencyof micro-collectivities (50 to 500 population equivalents).

Barksanem™’s technology, used in monetization, turns the production of ore into a bank-endorsed digital currency, compatible with a series of new services, while contemporaneously creating end-to-end secure logistics.

If you have been following our milestones in the last few years, you will agree that things are definitely on-track and moving fast!


Advantages of the Barksanem™ License?


Time to Market

The Barksanem™ License gives our clients ability to enter their economic space by optimizing the time of deployment of their business activities by creating an exhaustive action plan (a significant asset) creating a substantial gain of time in the commercialization of extracted ore.

Territorial Approach

The Barksanem™ License gives our clients the holistic awareness designed to enhance their business practices meeting the needs of the market and the territory while creating a dynamic that improves their bottom line.

Cost Optimization

The Barksanem™ License gives our clients the ability to transform specific expenses into revenue by allocating a particular part of the value chain to partners, who are experts in their field.

Value Expertise

The Barksanem™ License gives our clients the ability to designate responsibility for the production, assembly or placement of the product in accordance with the framework described in the Barksanem™ License agreement.

Regular Income

The Barksanem™ License gives our clients the ability to optimize the administration of specific skills in order to create consistent revenues.



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