Our approach aims at re-establishing balance, enabling the progressive construction of a more virtuous business model for the benefit of local communities in a better-preserved environment. It seems fundamental to us that the essential characteristics of the territory be taken into account before undertaking any initiative. We have called such an approach the “Territorial Approach”.


In the Mossi language of Burkina Faso, Barksanem™ means “Gold is a blessing.”


Business is all about relationships. It can be defined as the creation and development of relationships between suppliers, customers, investors, partners, employees and the companies we work with. The business and the jobs that result from it contribute to the meaning, productivity and life in a given culture. Within the perspective of sustainable economic development, which is transformative, fostering healthy and positive relationships between all stakeholders and respecting the environment, we have anchored all of our endeavors on these four pillars:

The Financial Pillar

“The business of business is business!” Business is not charity, businesses exists to make profit. Regardless of size, type, location, or the origins of the owner of the company, the main motivation for its existence is to make profit. Otherwise, the business would not exist.

The Social Pillar

Every business affects the local community either positively or negatively, as well as in the “Global Village” that we all live in. Each business contributes to the growing collectivity in which it operates. For a longtime, business leaders have been called upon to give direction or contribute financially to the needs of the collectivity. A wise business owner that the harmonious development of a business must have a positive role in the territory where it operates.

The Environmental Pillar

A business that demonstrates a real environmental conscience are not only “good”.  Its practices are consistent with Its business. The impact of human life and its activities on natural resources is growing dramatically. However, the poorest nations of the world have the most important natural resources of the planet. By implementing appropriate environmental principles, corporate leaders protect their resources and interests over the long term. It is also in the interest of their collectivity as well as the environment of the entire planet.

The Beliefs Pillar

For most populations in emerging countries, there is no separation between aspects of everyday life and the “sacred”. Being a “human” often implies a sacred dimension based on beliefs that affect the dynamics of life. This is why we integrate this structuring dimension of the life of individuals and the communities into our actions.



All of our company’s operations are carried out in compliance with the regulations currently enforced and by voluntarily integrating the key tenets of the guides to Best Practices:

Adhering to these standards also commits us to fight against all forms of fraud specific to the mining sector, to fight against the employment of pregnant women and children on mining sites, and to propose alternatives to illicit or dangerous practices.


Barksanem™ Inc’s sister company, Barksanem™ Sarl’s (Burkina Faso) aims to be a research laboratory in constant search for the most suitable practices throughout the supply chain, ensuring that these innovations remain consistent with the social, environmental and legal contexts of the territories where they are to be implemented.

This approach includes the continuous improvement of mineral exploration, production and processing, as well as the living conditions of village collectivities and the company’s employees.

Training and support

It is not our intention to impose new practices on the collectivities of the target territories without the adhesion and appropriation of the populations concerned. We believe that personal assistance and pedagogy provided by pilot groups of adults and even in schools, in close contact with chiefdoms and local administrations, allow long-term and large-scale changes in practices.

Valorization of the supply chain

Barksanem™ seeks the optimal valorization of the entire supply chain by digitizing, tracking, monetizing, and securing the logistics chain. This approach makes it possible to intrinsically fight against fraud specific to the mining sector and to offer greater safety to artisanal gold mining collectivities.

Self-sufficiency of the collectivities

Barksanem™’s mining operations must harmoniously fit in with the artisanal gold miner’s and/or village collectivity of the territory. These collectivities participate in the company’s economic development program. The sustainability of this project is guaranteed by a concrete and practical commitment to these communities, with a view to their self-sufficiency in the areas of access to water and sanitation, access to energy, agriculture, health and education. Our aim is to translate this self-sufficiency into the setting up of village cooperatives for access to tools, seeds, primary foodstuffs, etc.

We believe that the company is a community that “creates community” out of its social, economic, and natural environment.


Being good does not mean being better than the others, but giving the best of yourself, and accepting to work in order to progress. It is our commitment to constantly improve the effectiveness of tools and methods.


To be respected, one must respect others. Others mean first of all my partners, my collaborators, employees and managers with whom I form a business community. The others are also all the actors with whom the company is in direct relationship to accomplish its mission. It is also the natural environment in all its diversity that we must preserve and restore when necessary.


Openness is the essence of innovation. Not being satisfied with the “already done” or “already known” allows to explore unchartered waters of the company.


for micro-collectivities in economic, social and environmental terms