Natural resources: Circular Economy, Sustainable Development and Artisanal Mining


Natural resources foster life. Deterioration and scarcity of these resources, lead to the progressive death of plant, animal or human species.


The causes of this deterioration are known. It is primarily due to the adverse impacts dating from the dawn of the industrial age to the present day. This economic model was built on the basis of a linear economy that draws on resources without contemplating one’s social, cultural and environmental impacts on a given ecosystem.

A new economic model integrating the development of natural resources and the control of waste is inevitable. Initiatives are flourishing around the world to offer alternatives. Intrinsic to the business model within Barksanem™ is the embodiment of this new economic paradigm shift.

Current artisanal mining faces these symptomatic problems of the economy’s deficiencies: poverty, child labor, prostitution, pollution/destruction of resources, endemic diseases, and the list goes on…

The approach proposed by the Barksanem™, through its license and on the basis of its past and present experience of artisanal mining in West Africa, clearly aims to combat the scourges mentioned above by favoring long-term intervention, financed largely by its own gold production and intrinsic to its own behaviors and actions.

This approach is founded upon unique, patented environmental technology through the access to water, to create a set of added values fostering the pedagogical support of artisanal miners for the improvement of their ore extraction and treatment processes, the establishment of water-saving vegetable gardens for women and children of miners, the revalorization of depleted soils due to environmentally catastrophic mining practices, the decontamination of surface water, making it drinkable, reforestation, and the fight against vector-borne diseases, just to name a few….


Gold mining benefits from the circular economy and the circular economy benefits from gold mining

In a financialized economic world that has put money at the center of attention, valuing the preservation of resources, the benefits of activities on health and social welfare, should be gradually incorporated into the calculation of GDP and in the development of new financial products.

Barksanem™ contributes to the virtuous circle in artisanal mining in economic, social and environmental terms, better appreciating all the valuation opportunities in the market…


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