Barksanem™ has signed new Licenses and is deploying the TK-Coin, a digital currency aimed at improving the livelihoods of mining micro-communities.

Houston, Texas (January 30th 2020) 

Barksanem™, Inc. located in Houston, Texas, and its sister company Barksanem™ Sarl, an R&D and training arm for Barksanem™, based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and engaged in responsible mining and semi-industrial / small-scale artisanal mining, announces the signing of new Licenses founded upon its proprietary know-how.

The rights to use the TK-Coin, a non-encrypted and non-speculative digital currency, issued to Barksanem™, Inc. and included in the “Barksanem License”, allow the creation of a medium of value, trust and exchange, based on fully tracked gold production, from source to consumer, through the digitalization of the supply chain. 

This monetization platform facilitates the financing of the License and of the mining projects by issuing TK-Coin, a guarantee on the projected gold yields. 

The Barksanem™ system not only secures the supply chain by tracking the ore at its source, but also helps to curb fraud by capturing and digitizing every gram of gold extracted from mining sites. 

Digitalization also increases the safety of artisanal miners by providing them with mobile transaction management applications that can replace the use of cash.

By optimizing the value of the entire supply chain through tracking, security, and digitalization, the TK-Coin helps reduce transaction costs by monetizing universal and natural resources. As such, we can be paid in TK-Coin on the entire supply chain.

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