Who are we?

Barksanem™ is a Texas-based American company that makes its expertise accessible internationally through the commercialization of its license. Through its mining operations on the African continent, it has acquired a real expertise on the ground and a clear vision of the territorial sustainable development, in line with the challenges of transformation described in various international accords. Barksanem™ offers operational solutions, mineral resource management, natural resource remediation, and innovative agricultural programs for communities.

What is the "Barksanem™" License?

The Barksanem™ License is a contract that allows the client to take full advantage from our expertise and technologies through the acquisition of intellectual property rights. This license targets economic autonomy and preservation of the resources of micro-communities.

What's unique about the Barksanem™ License?

Expertise and technologies:

  • Knowledge of the gold and precious metals markets
  • Mining engineering
  • Sociology of micro-communities
  • Virtualization and digitization of minerals
  • Environmental management and remediation of natural resources

The BSM™ License allows licensees

  • A major time savings in setting up the mining structure
  • To participate in the establishment of a digital currency based on mining and endorsed by banks
  • To reduce the pitfalls of the integration of artisanal miners into the activity
  • To integrate the recommendations of the international guides
  • To contribute to the autonomy of micro-communities by contributing innovations while respecting traditions

Why Texas?

Texas has the two largest growing metropolitan areas (Dallas and Houston) and three of the top ten fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States (Midland, Odessa and Austin).

Texas law governs our contracts and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

The Texas legal system simplifies regulation to enable businesses to grow and develop dynamically.

Texas offers a competitive tax climate and powerful incentives to allow businesses and entrepreneurs room to prosper.