“Innovation with respect to tradition”©

(The following is a translated excerpt from an article published in SIDWAYA, quotdien Burkinabè d’information, on February 26th 2018)

Founded in 2011, Barksanem™ (BSM™) is preparing to make its comeback to the mining scene in Burkina Faso after a sabbatical period to undertake structural and strategic reorganization.  Barksanem™ is returning with many more ambitions, objectives, initiatives, innovation, and benefits for the Burkinabe population.

The history of Barksanem™ goes back to the time of Upper Volta when the current CEO, Etienne Atger, then a child, lived and grew up. He traveled regularly across the country. Later, he made many trips to West Africa, as part of development initiatives with an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) where Séraphin Guigma, Director of Operations Barksanem™ also worked. “Our knowledge of the field, the economic landscape, its place in the world of gold mining and the incentive policies of the government are among the main reasons Burkina Faso was particularly attractive for the development of our business” reflects Etienne Atger. For him, these were important aspects as to the establishment of the company in the “Land of the Honest Men” (Translation of “Burkina Faso” in the local dialect). He indicated that he chose to limit himself to the establishment of ASMs or artisanal and semi-mechanized mining and not develop a “small mining company” or an “Industrial mine”. “The reasons are found in our territorial approach which allows the mining activity to intrinsically integrate with the village and/or mining collectivity thus making mining fully ingrained into the development of the territory.” This would be extremely difficult to manage in the framework of industrial mining practices, for example” he explained.


Who is Barksanem?

Barksanem™ is a Burkinabe mining company created in 2011, then put on hold for a few years in order to find solutions to problems encountered in the mining space. The creation of BSM™ was brought about after field observations and a clear vision of territorial sustainable development, in line with the challenges of transformation described in various international charters. “Our experience in the mining sector in Africa demonstrates the following: the harvesting of subsoil wealth is too often a source of poverty, conflict, environmental degradation symptomatic of a vicious economic circle,” suggested Etienne Atger. Based on our research and our previous mining experience in early 2000, again in Burkina Faso, BSM™ created a sister company in the USA that markets and sells a portfolio of technologies, the Barksanem™ License, (precious metals extraction ((GOLD)) digital money, tracking …) targeting the economic and environmental autonomy of micro-collectivities (50 to 500 population equivalents). “Specifically relating to mining collectivities, our core target, our approach integrates the extraction and monetization of minerals, essential support of economic autonomy, crucial prerequisites to energy and ecological autonomy through the decontamination of water, air, and soil. he explained.” BSM™ optimizes the physical logistics chain linked to artisanal mining. We deploy innovative technologies for the tracking of precious minerals while participating in the economic and environmental development of micro-collectivities. “Our approach to monetization turns the production of ore (or any other production) into a digital currency compatible with a portfolio of new services.” says Atger. The BSM™ territorial approach makes it possible to integrate artisanal gold mining into its operations. These miners are often working on mining sites before ever being selected by mining companies. The identification and registration of these miners and their families facilitate the support of artisanal gold mining, while contemporaneously fighting against recurring fraud specific to the mining sector. Furthermore, making it possible to obtain the “Fair Mining” certification for artisanal gold mining. “Our approach also makes it possible for children to go back to school, proposes economic alternatives for women, without loss of income (projects to provide access to water and sanitation for the populations of the territories, soil remediation) and aims to improve the artisanal practices of mining, etc.” stated the CEO of BSM™.


Proposed products and benefits to the population

As part of The Barksanem™ License, Barksanem™ proposes the identification, GPS tracking and organization of its mining operations through a unique mapping system. Registration, identification, and accompaniment of miners and their families. The tracking and control of the minerals from the extraction until they are sold. But also, among other things, the creation of a digital currency based on gold; the revitalization of barter system within the collectivity; Barksanem™ training and certification; the creation of an individualized virtual wallet. The digital currency thus created offers the previously unbanked the opportunity to use the banking institutions of the country, while benefiting from an individual or collective means of payment, and in the long term, health monitoring through an individualized booklet. The digital currency will be exchangeable for paper money of different currencies. One of the principles of Barksanem™ according to its CEO, is summed up in this slogan: “Innovation with respect to tradition”©. “Ultimately, while becoming a successful mining company, the Barksanem™ License contributes to the virtuous circle of micro-collectivities through mining in economic, social and environmental terms,” he said. Among other advantages that will directly benefit the people, Mr. Atger cited agricultural projects (economic alternatives for women), education, health, access to water and sanitation, energy solutions. “The registration of gold miners on Barksanem™ sites, but also elsewhere and if possible throughout the country, will provide access to information until now very incomplete, on a population difficult to accompany due to its mobility, its fragility and the difficulties of integration encountered in many places in the country as in most countries where mining is at the heart of their economy” said Etienne Atger.

Source: Barksanem : “L’innovation dans le respect de la tradition”


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