The Barksanem™ License Part 1 – Fast-tracking ASM operations

To meet the strong demands in the ASM sector (technical constraints, integration and the formalization of artisanal miners, Fairmined certification, social and environmental challenges etc..) we created the Barksanem™ License. The License contains a portfolio of solutions to implement Small-Scale mining operations, fast-track ASM integration into a given territory and to enhance business growth around a sustainable development model. This License has been designed for both private and public actors in the mining industry.

The licensing opportunity provided by Barksanem, Inc. (BSM™) is designed to be « all encompassing ». In other words, the components of this License, which represent the cumulative know-how of the team that created the program, can be applied in any location within the mining sector, gold mining first and foremost, but not exclusively, and in relation to the micro-collectivities that are directly affected. The expertise of BSM™’s management team is derived from its operations in the mining sector and in sustainable development in West Africa.

Within this framework, the members of the management team were often challenged by the difficulties encountered in their endeavors to incorporate and contextualize their values, processes and principles. This has proven all the more complicated given that on some of the mining sites, where its operations have developed, the artisanal gold mining communities are of very diverse ethnic and national origins!

These challenges have led Barksanem™ to adopt the Territorial Approach, which is extensively articulated in its licensing offer, as well as the organizational and structural aspects of its company.

The integration of Barksanem™’s economic model into the territories where it is implemented is made possible via this “Territorial Approach”. This integration aims to create a duplicable model of sustainable economic development through the implementation of the licensee’s mining operations and the formalization of artisanal mining.

A model for sustainable economic growth:

« Fairmined » certification of gold output

Circular economy circuit of access to drinkable water, reforestation and soil remediation and water-saving agricultural projects

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