The Barksanem™ License Part 2 – a contextualized ASM solution

The Barksanem™ (BSM™) System is marketed under license specifically to mining industry professionals. It has three main components:  our proprietary diagnostic system called the “Territorial Approach”, the implementation of small-scale mining engineering (ASM) and the digitalization of the entire supply chain which is associated with a virtual currency (for more info, see our article on digital currency).

Within the framework of the BSM™ License, everything is adaptable and must be tailored to the specific environments of those who will be implementing mining operations that respect the human and environmental dynamics of their territories of engagement. Sometimes, and even often, far-reaching paradigm shifts will be required from employees and surrounding collectivities alike. These changes require time, patience and a lot of training. We believe that the strength and sustainability of any company lies in its commitment to its social, environmental and economic environment and in the values that the management team strives to convey. Internally to employees, who will be part of the entrepreneurial community and externally in relation to the micro-collectivities impacted by its operations. The company’s management team must agree on the core values they wish to convey and commit to putting them into practice themselves in order to be the first example of the positive impact they seek.

Ultimately, the BSM™ License is the result of choices, making it possible to improve the practices of artisanal miners that are often mining on sites before concessions leases are allocated. These choices concern ore extraction and processing technologies, technologies that are the least expensive and the simplest available. Many other technologies are available, some of which will be more appropriate in different settings. In any case, it is up to the licensee to follow the process of finding the best value for money in its implementation environment.

It is clearly BSM™’s aim to progressively integrate into its License, the most reliable innovations for artisanal and small-scale mining, via its mining company in Burkina Faso which fully acts as a profitable R&D and training platform for the improvement of best practices of the artisanal gold mining throughout the world and ultimately the daily life of the collectivities they create.

Licensing advantages: 

  • Territorial Approach
  • Cost Optimization
  • Time to Market








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