TK Financial partnership: a bank-endorsed digital currency


Barksanem™ is pleased to announce its partnership with TK Financial. Our areas of focus, over the coming years, will be around virtualization and digitization of our core products and the subsequent creation of a bank-endorsed digital currency.

TK Financial, a new universal standard 

With 35+ years of experience in the electronic transactions industry, TK Financial is a white label platform centered on the transfer of funds. TK Financial’s virtual currency exchange process can assign a real monetary value to a particular transaction, and then convert it to a different currency ($, £, €, CFA etc…) This process is widely accepted by financial institutions, centered around the consumer, and highly secure for all parties involved. TK Financial’s unique, highly secure money transfer platform lets absolutely any consumer, even those that are unbanked, exchange funds using a virtual money environment.


End-to-End secure Logistics

Our partnership with TK Financial allows their proprietary technology integrated with Barksanem™ Territorial Approach to integrate artisanal gold miners’ activities in a secure, traceable logistics chain from extraction all way to end refinery. In other words: End-to-End secure Logistics.


Support of Miners

These miners are often working on mining sites long before ever being selected by mining companies. The identification and registration of these miners and their families, with TK Financials intellectual property, facilitates the support of artisanal gold mining, while contemporaneously fighting against recurring fraud specific to the mining sector. While becoming a successful mining company, the Barksanem™ License contributes to the virtuous circle for micro-communities through mining in economic, social and environmental terms.


Fair Mining

This unique approach will open the door wide to the possibility to obtain “Fair Mining” certification for artisanal gold mining.

MINES: Identified, Located, Organized

MINERS: Identified, Registered, Assisted

MINERALS: Tracked, Controlled, Commercialized


Barksanem™ and TK Financial’s partnership was made official in 2017. Implementation of TK Financial’s tools and systems within Barksanem™ is set for 2018.



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